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      Yueheng Instrument & Apparatus


      Yueheng Instrument & Apparatus


      ○  Metal tube float flowmeter

      ○  Micro metal tube float flowmeter

      ○  All stainless steel metal tube float flowmeter

      ○  Magnetic filter

      ○  Imported series glass rotameter

      ○  Domestic series glass rotameter

      ○  Plastic rotameter

      ○  Panel flowmeter

      ○  Pipeline flowmeter

      Constant current purging device

      DK single meter purging

      Export variation Export variation
      Import variant Import variant

      Large purging

      Xiaojin to purge

      MF purging MF purging
      MK purging MK purging

      The purging device is composed of rotameter and constant flow valve. When the inlet or outlet pressure fluctuates to a certain extent, it can measure the flow and ensure the constant output of the flow. It is widely used in the purging of transmitters in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, steel and other industries, as well as the purging of various analytical instruments, orifice pressure taps and the process control of differential pressure level measurement.
      The flow meter, filter pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge are assembled on a panel. Since the components are all assembled on the panel, they are easy to install. When the outlet pressure fluctuates, the stable purging (gas) flow can be maintained, thus forming a panel purging device.
      Product features
      ◆ Various forms: single, double and multiple purging
      ◆ Various installation methods: panel installation and cabinet installation
      ◆ Connection mode: 1/4 "NPT, ferrule connection, threaded connection, flange connection
      ◆ Corrosion performance: good
      Technical indicators
      ◆ Control and measurement range: water 20 ℃, 0.15~160L/h,
      Gas 20 ℃, 101325Pa; 3~4300L/h
      ◆ Range ratio: 10:1
      ◆ Accuracy level: 4.0
      ◆ Pressure: 1.6MPa
      ◆ Temperature: - 80~150 ℃
      ◆ Material: 304SS 316SS
      ◆ Seal: PTFE
      ◆ Process connection: standard ferrule: Ф 6、 Ф 8、 Ф ten
      Standard thread: 1/4 "NPT 1/2" NPT
      Standard flange: HG20592-2009 or ANSI150LB
      Special: according to user requirements
      ◆ Regulating performance: input pressure change ± 10%;
      Output flow change is less than ± 1%

      Model selection

      Flow range

      Installation dimension

      Installation of purging device

      ◆ Please select a suitable position to install the flow purging device to ensure that the flow purging device is easy to adjust, clean and disassemble.
      ◆ The magnetic coupling transmission system is installed on the float flowmeter of the purging device (flowmeter). Therefore, it is ensured that the interference magnetic field generated by other working equipment will not affect the measurement results of the flowmeter.
      ◆ During installation, to ensure the stability of the flow purging device, a fixed bracket should be added at the appropriate position
      ◆ The installation size should not exceed the given size too much or too little to avoid the tension and compression force acting on the flow device.
      ◆ When the liquid medium contains ferromagnetic particles, the magnetic particles must be filtered out in the instrument.
      ◆ Make sure that the fluid direction of the medium is the same as that required by the flow purging device. When installing the instrument, close all the fine-tuning needle valves to measure the liquid
      ◆ Before putting into operation, please empty and purge the pipeline to avoid impact.
      ◆ Please open the valve slowly.
      Gas measurement
      ◆ Please open the valve slowly to adjust the pressure to the working pressure.
      ◆ The flow should be changed by adjusting the opening of the valve to prevent the float from suddenly accelerating and bumping against the limiter (for example, in the case of using electromagnetism), which may damage the measuring parts.

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